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Healthy Coffee and Non-Coffee Alternatives: 'Shroom Through Your Day

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

After more than 32 months of running through the raindrops, visiting colleges with both of my daughters, going to airports, restaurants, hotels, conferences, ball games, concerts, yoga and workout classes, I finally got a double line on my Covid test.

This was on Thanksgiving day, no less.

After more than 32 months, I thought my immune system might be superhuman! I have no idea how it happened but I do know that my seventeen year old daughter makes a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with very little instruction. And I was grateful to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade instead of traveling this year.

For this week, I thought you might need a little pick-me-up too.

So I’m going to talk about coffee. Or more specifically, coffee alternatives.

Personally, I don’t drink coffee, although I love the way it smells.

This is so interesting, because when I did a food sensitivity test in 2018, the test revealed that I had sensitivities to coffee, which means I have IgG antibodies to coffee beans.

Funny how our body sometimes lets us know what NOT to do in order to feel healthy.

But I digress. Coffee alternatives are all the fad these days.

Coffee is actually a natural antioxidant, it boosts your energy (as we all know), can reduce inflammation, protect against Alzheimer’s and other diseases and offers a host of other benefits.

But coffee also has its downsides. Because of the way it is stored, coffee is prone to mycotoxins (aka mold). Research has indicated it is not at levels that are harmful to human health. But what matters is how your body detoxes from mold and synergistic micotoxins that are taxing your system.

I teach my clients how to “live in their bodies” and coffee changes your energy flow. So it also makes you less aware of when your body actually needs to rest. So you are less able to listen to what your body is telling you.

Coffee can also contribute to insomnia, headaches, irritability, dizziness, dehydration, and anxiety - particularly if you drink too much (more than 1-2 cups a day). Caffeine can also aggravate UTI's.

So if you are looking to decrease your consumption, there are amazing alternatives. My functional medicine colleagues had some thoughts on other brands, both tea and coffee.

Like Laird Superfood Coffee which contains adaptogenic mushrooms with amazing benefits like improved digestion, energy, focus, and a better response to stress.

Purity Coffee is just a great coffee from a mold perspective, “Besides being independently tested, a private team went in to verify these very findings. I am satisfied with both the report and the findings from the private team. 50 coffees were tested by 3 independent labs and Purity was found to excel in all categories.” There are also more of the amazing brands below!

  • MUD/WTR - a mushroom coffee alternative made with organic ingredients celebrated by cultures young and old for their health and performance benefits.

  • Matcha - a type of powdered green tea that's rich in antioxidants. A matcha latte can be made with unsweetened almond milk enough for the cup, teaspoon of organic vanilla, 11/2 tsp matcha, raw honey if you want and I add a tablespoon of MCT oil. Whirl it up in a bullet. Good hot or on ice.

  • Dandy Blend - tastes a little like coffee, no caffeine though.

  • Teeccino - offers a variety of caffeine-free and acid-free herbal coffees and teas. Chiccory is a favorite!

  • Rasa Koffee - Mushrooms, Original, Elderberry, and Golden Chai are completely caffeine-free. However cacao is in their Cacao, Spicy Rose, Bold, and Calm. Each containing different amounts, but all very low.

  • Capomo - an herbal coffee substitute that is acid, caffeine and gluten free.

  • Mountain Rose Herbs - a delicious, coffee aroma and great healing properties. Make in a coffee press.

I also just had a new client share with me RYZE superfoods coffee. Not only do you get the benefits of mushrooms, but you also get access to a free mindfulness app. How cute!

Another friend actually buys the mushroom mix from Sacred 7 and just puts a scoop into her coffee to combat the caffeinated feeling. You (allegedly) can’t even taste the mushrooms.

You can also put this one in smoothies if you are not a coffee drinker.

Or you can work with me, your favorite functional medicine health coach, to stay on track over the holiday season and enjoy a bit more support over a beautiful (but stressful) time.

Book a free Discovery Session and let’s chat more about your optimal!

In good health,

Holli Bassin

This communication may contain general nutrition and lifestyle advice. I am not a licensed physician. My advice is not intended, and you should not use it to attempt to diagnose, prevent or treat diseases, ailments, pain or other medical conditions. Please consult your personal licensed physician to seek advice about diagnosing, preventing or treating specific ailments.


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