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Improved Sleep, Energy, Histamine Issues and Alertness

I recently worked with Holli for about 4 months and she helped me a great deal with various health issues including sleep difficulties, bloating, low iron levels, and histamine problems. Holli's approach, which she stated up front, (and I really appreciated!) was to teach me how to identify the best methods of healing for my unique body. She also provided practical, interesting, and on-point handouts which allowed me to have helpful information from which to refer after our sessions. Holli is very compassionate and patient and genuinely cares about her clients' well-being. After several months of working with Holli, I can attest to better sleep, reduced histamine issues, increased energy, and improved alertness. If you're looking for a supportive and effective guide for your health journey, I highly recommend Holli Bassin!

Adrienne Marcus, March 2024

A Gem to Have on My Team!

Holli is always prepared for our sessions yet she is also willing to discuss whatever is on my mind. As a healthcare provider myself, it is so refreshing to review lab work and other health markers with someone like Holli who goes into much more depth regarding each measure to form a better understanding of symptoms and their causes. I have long been a fan of functional healthcare practices that encourage treatment of the cause of illness rather than symptoms. Holli is one of those gems in the field and I am glad to have her on my team.

Laura Armstrong, July 2023

Greatly Improved My Psoriasis

I have been visiting with Holli nearing a year now and have learned so much and improved my health greatly. I used to have moderate - severe psoriasis and through analysis of my body and changes in my diet and lifestyle the condition has greatly improved. I have learned so much about how to make better choices about things that will enter my body. I highly recommend Holli's sessions!

Michelle Crowe, April 2022 

Comment from "Tap Away Stress Workshop" 

Hi Holli, It was great attending your class yesterday. I definitely learned a great technique for stress reduction and will use it soon.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Stefan January 2021

I came to you for several reasons:

Lack of joy and purpose in my life; anxiety/stress; sugar addiction; constipation; and thyroid issues. A doctor doesn't have the time to deal with all of these issues. I knew I would get the needed attention by hiring you.

I started to feel a difference when, through discussion with you, I finally committed to begin working on my photo project, which I had been putting off for years. Although it may sound like a minor accomplishment, it was major for me. It is leading me in unexpected ways and providing me with a hobby that is bringing me joy.

Holli, you are organized and well prepared for every session. Each session is jam-packed with useful information and insights. You are intelligent and dedicated to helping your clients achieve wellness. You continually told me that it's not just a session; it's a program, and that I could ask you questions anytime, not just during our scheduled appointment. Thank you for your support. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a health coach.

Peggy C. January 10, 2021

Comment from “Immune System Workshop”

I learned how to be much more deliberate with my food choices. Onions are actually good for you and not just a filler.”

Gioia Pisano December 2020

I did a detox program with Holli and loved it!

I couldn't believe how much I was getting information about so many types of food that were not serving me well. She gives you instruction on each day what to do and eat, besides wonderful recipes, she focuses on the mind too. I highly recommend her! 
Elaine Freitas, August 20th, 2020


Thoroughly Answered Questions / Excellent Teacher

Thank you so much for such a full answer. I was reluctant to ask, but this helps a lot. I didn't even think to compare fat and calorie content, silly me. I'm doing a fitness program through a local gym. I'm zooming exercise classes. I'm still doing all that I learned from you!  You'd be proud of me :) Taking all my supplements and avoiding processed foods and added sugars. The only "sweets" I eat is Endangered Species Dark Chocolate :) You are an excellent teacher. You not only teach important information, but you teach why it is so important so a student is compelled to learn and live it.  For that I thank you!

Kathy, April 3, 2020

Managed Arthritis Pain

I considered myself a healthy eater before I met Holli. Then I realized just how much there was to learn! She has opened my eyes to a deeper understanding of WHY I should eat organic foods, for instance, and local produce, to avoid certain medications if possible, and so much more. I used to take 4 high-dose Tylenols every day for arthritis pain. Now I include a small amount of turmeric in my food everyday and I no longer need the Tylenol! What I appreciate most is understanding why these things are important. Holli is knowledgeable and patient. She allows me to set the pace if I need more time to absorb new information. She is so easy to talk to and work with. I really look forward to our meetings! 

Ellen, Oct. 3, 2019

Resolved My Digestive Issues

For years, I suffered from lower GI issues, including recurring SIBO. Specialists were unable to provide a definitive diagnosis or effective preventative measures. By happenstance, I connected with Holli who patiently analyzed what might be causing my GI issues and recurring SIBO, provided guidance for dietary changes, and recommended supplements to aid my healing.


As a first course of action, Holli had me stop taking over-the-counter antacids that she correctly speculated were doing me more harm than good. She recommended supplements to assist with digestion. Then, Holli suggested that I take a food intolerance test that identified a strong reaction to milk proteins. I subsequently eliminated milk products from my diet and added other supplements she recommended for healing my GI track that had been severely aggravated by years of eating foods that I could not tolerate.


Kudos to Holli for her sound advice! I am so much better now and can’t thank her enough!

Howard, May 24, 2019


Holli is very knowledgeable about nutrition and supplements. She gave me great ideas on how to enrich my daughter’s nutrition. Holli also gave me great suggestions on supplements to improve overall health and immune system function.
She is a joy to work with!

Pamela P., Oct. 30, 2018

Improved Digestion!

A year ago, my top three goals were to learn more about healthy eating habits, improve my digestion, and general well being. Holli was able to provide information and explanations to make my health journey more understandable. We worked on one or two things at a time to make sure that I understood changes and appreciated improvements before moving on. The most tangible change has been improvement in my eating habits; I started cooking more and trying new recipes. And the most significant change overall has been improvement in my digestion issues. As a coach, Holli is patient, kind, supportive and respectful to my needs and wishes. She is always available to answer questions and explain things as many times as I need. She is very easy to talk to and share with. And she makes me feel proud of my achievements. Holli is always available as a resource, and it is helpful to know that I have her to turn to for information and support. I would recommend Holli to anyone who is ready to improve their life style by developing healthier habits and trying new things.

Iryna Z., Oct 9, 2018

Lost Six Pounds!

I recently completed a ten day food cleanse, led by Holli Bassin Health Coach. Holli was there for me and the others in our small group the entire way, and even now continues to provide personalized, valuable expertise through my transition back to a "normal-ish" diet. And I lost six pounds! Thanks, Holli!

Marcy H., May 19, 2018

Resolved My Sleep Issues!

Overall I'm still amazed at the progress I have made to date. Since being able to sleep, my attitude has done a complete 180 and that all by itself has been a huge HUGE improvement. I'm eating better and and can feel the difference. I know I haven't made all the progress I can... breakfast is still a challenge but I'm making progress just the same and I can both see and feel a difference!

Janine, Nov 11, 2017

I cannot thank you enough for last night's class.  (Tapping Workshop)

I learned a great deal and will be using this method going forward as part of my daily practice. And I also appreciate the slides and the newsletter.    I got some great information from the newsletter and look forward to meeting to getting some health coaching.  I can definitely use your services.  Thank you

Janine June 29, 2017

Excellent and Supportive Health Coach!

I met Holli during one of her interactive workshops and continued to work with her on an individual coaching basis. Holli is a wealth of information and she knows how to make healthy eating delicious and good lifestyle habits fun. She is warm, is always smiling and has a great, supportive way of working with her clients. I highly recommend Holli as your partner in setting and achieving your healthy eating and lifestyle goals! 

Joan, May 10, 2017

Terrific Health Coach!

I just started working with Holli on general health issues and negotiating through how to best reintroduce foods while on an elimination diet. I had worked first with a nutritionist long distance but found I preferred working one on one in person. I plan to continue working with Holli through the beginning of winter when I have chronically had problems with multiple health related issues including binging, extremely dry skin (to the point of hands bleeding) and arthritic concerns. I am looking forward to our subsequent sessions!


An update to my previous review back in July 2016 when I first started working with Holli :: I have been working with Holli since then and had my last session today. She was wonderful to work with. At first I mostly needed help with the transition from the elimination diet I started on with a nutritionist based in California. She took the time to explain methods clearly and provided articles and links in case I wanted to research anything we discussed further which I found extremely helpful. She helped me to develop plans for healing myself and I found her to be a great listener and supportive of my meeting my goals. She helped me with several issues: diet (reintroduction of foods after the elimination diet in easy to follow steps and how to test which foods I might have adverse reactions to and mild sugar/carb binging tendencies), skin care (I have sensitive skin which usually gets dry to the point of cracking and bleeding in the winter), arthritic pain and dealing with other injuries/health issues (bone health, fractured wrist), anxiety). I have already recommended Holli to several of my friends. She is great to work with and a terrific, kind person. I highly recommend Holli as a Health Coach.

Jane W., Jan 19, 2017


Just Fabulous!!!

Holli has been just a wonderful health coach as I struggle with losing weight. She is well prepared at each session with a wealth of information, handouts and creating: revising action plans. She offers healthy alternatives, ingredients, and recipes for a smooth transition to a healthier diet filled with organic foods. Holli is a great listener and is so easy to work with. She coaches, supports, holds you accountable to your action plan and celebrates your successes right along with you. I highly recommend her as a health coach!

Pam A., Nov 29, 2016

Caring and Understanding

Holli has been very gracious in offering her expertise in working towards an allergy free life. Having a daughter who overcame her allergies, Holli is familiar with the emotions and tribulations which are associated with living with allergies and other health related conditions. She is knowledgeable in different techniques which help in starting down the road towards an allergy free life, and is able to work with you to get you in the right direction.

Nick D., Oct 22, 2016

Wanted to Lower my Blood Sugar

I went to Holli with the hope to lower my sugar intake. With thorough questioning and direction, Holli helped me to realize what my focal points were and what I needed to pay attention to. Holli has a nurturing and non judgemental manner which makes her a great coach. She helped me to realize the many choices open to me for healthier eating. But even more important, it got me to work on these issues and not just think about them. I am so glad I found her.  

Robyne T., Oct 20, 2015


Food Allergies 

Holli was incredibly helpful. My son has numerous and severe food allergies and I was at my wits end trying to find healthy, well-balanced, and safe meals for him. Holli walked me through the basics of food allergies and healthy eating. She gave me information, practical tips to take home and use immediately, as well as strategies for organization, and much needed support and encouragement. Many thanks to Holli for supporting us during a challenging phase of life!

Liz L., Oct 16, 2015

Digestive Issues 

Holli really helped me to figure out for myself which foods worked for me and my body. Things that used to be fine have become harder for me to digest and she has been very helpful in teaching me ways to listen to what works for me now. She leads by example and it's really been wonderful to work with her! I can't recommend her more highly!

Scott B., Oct 11, 2015


Issue with Son's Snacking 

I was concerned about my son's snacking after school so that he would be satisfied until dinner. After working with Holli, I'm aware of the food choices that we make every day. Small changes here and there can make a huge difference. Holli is warm, attentive to detail, and a great listener. Due to Holli, our family now has a clearer understanding of the importance of good nutrition and a strong foundation to lead a much healthier lifestyle.

Jamie M., Oct 8, 2015

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