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Eating Local 101

Updated: May 8, 2021

A bag of freshly picked orange carrots sits on tilled farm land.
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As consumers it’s important to purchase food from our local geographic area. Local food is fresher, often tastes better and has more nutrients. When food travels, it negatively affects our environment by using fuel to get to where we are. Crops that travel thousands of miles are often picked before they are ripened, providing fewer flavors. Local growers can promote a safer food supply and benefit the environment by maintaining farmland or open space in our community. It also supports the local economy!

There’s so much to learn about regenerative farming!

Sustainable Farming

Sustainable farming is all about considering how the choices farmers make today impact the future environment. A focus on healthy soil and crop rotation can allow for biodiversity and better choices for long term environmental sustainability.

When sustainable growing practices are followed, they can be more stringent than organic guidelines because they reduce interference with the natural environment as much as possible to enable crops to grow.

Local vs. Organic

There’s a difference between organic and conventional fruits and vegetables, but consumers often fail to recognize the difference between locally grown and organic. Not all farms in our immediate local area are organic. Sometimes locally grown should be considered as a more important factor than certified organic, as should the labor practices, and resources of the person who grows the food. Know your farmer and how your food is grown!

Want to learn more?

I believe in sharing my knowledge and inspiring others to make healthy lifestyle choices that will address the root causes of their symptoms, diseases and struggles. My bi-weekly newsletters are full of excellent resources and I’ve even been known to share some delicious recipes that will put your local, organic produce to good use!

Editorial note: This blog was first published in 2014 on my previous site. It’s been updated and republished here.

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