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3 Ways a Functional Medicine Health Coach Can Improve your Life

Health Coach Holli Bassin prepares a healthy snack, chopping melons and other fruit.

So often, getting "healthy" can feel like a solitary action. But if you are struggling with allergies, headaches, insulin resistance, autoimmune disease, depression, sleep, digestive issues, energy, eczema, or weight management issues you do not have to face them alone.

Working with a functional medicine health coach doesn't just help you reduce your symptoms. We dig deeper. It's like gardening. When you weed, you don't just pull off the stem. You have to go all the way to the roots.

I work with my clients to help them reverse the root causes of their disease. Each client is unique. After reviewing your health history, previous annual physical lab work and symptoms, we begin to piece together the puzzle of your body and road to optimal health. Together, we will address your chronic issues using nutrition, education and holistic intervention to improve lifestyle choices, increase focus, improve energy levels, better sleep patterns and alter chronic health issues. ​

My process as a health coach contains three core components:

  1. Minimize what's harmful

  2. Maximize raw materials your body needs to function and thrive.

  3. Prioritize a healing environment

Minimize what is harmful

What habits, environments and foods are contributing to your feelings of unwellness?

Are you…

  • practicing limiting beliefs?

  • exposed to allergens or toxins in your environment?

  • have an unknown chronic hidden infection or dysbiosis in your body?

Together we assess exactly what is causing you harm. When you know what you're fighting against, then you can make an effective game plan.

Maximize raw materials your body needs to function and thrive.

This pillar of functional medicine health coaching is all about educating yourself on how to fuel your body.

I'll teach you how to crowd out your kitchen and make more space for nutrient dense foods in your diet, to ensure you're getting enough water, oxygen, minerals, vitamins, protein and healthy fats.

Prioritize a healthy environment for healing

To accomplish the two components above, you need to be in a healthy environment--mentally and physically.

Together we'll find ways to bring joy and laughter to your day, improve your sleep routine and I will coach you on how to reduce your stress.

I also believe in building a healthier environment through knowledge. About every other week, I deliver health education right to your inbox.

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