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3 Summer Recipes to Add Orange and Yellow Plants to Your Diet

Recently, I wrote about how eating yellow and orange foods add beneficial phytonutrients to our diet and the effects it has on our bodies. There are so many benefits, including improved eye health!

I believe that education is foundational to making positive, sustainable lifestyle change, like increasing your plant-based diet. I also think it’s important to support your lifestyle changes and inspire you to keep working on improving your diet. So I wanted to share four recipes that feature these orange beauties.

Herby pizza with carrot top pesto

Looking for a healthy spin on pizza night? This recipe from Bon appetit is a must try! Not in the mood for pizza? Not a problem, the garlicky carrot top pesto can be used in a variety of ways (like as a salad dressing or pasta sauce).

Summer squash salad with herbs and quinoa

This vegan recipe from Country Living is perfectly light but filling for a summer dinner. And I love being able to incorporate herbs right from my garden into my meals. Plus, the quinoa is a seed, so considered a protein for a vegan or plant based meal.

Stuffed orange or yellow peppers

In this easy recipe from, you remove the seeds from bell peppers and stuff them with a mixture made from ground turkey, onion, tomatoes, rice, and cheese. Looking to go vegetarian, simply skip the meat or use Beyond meat. To try something different, add some coconut instead of the cheese. Want an alternative to rice? Try quinoa. See how easy it is to improvise!

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