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5 Recipes to Help You Add Purple Foods to Your Diet

Recently, I wrote about how eating purple fruits and vegetables add beneficial phytonutrients to our diet and the effects it has on our bodies. I believe that education is foundational to making positive, sustainable lifestyle change, like increasing your plant-based diet. I also think it’s important to support your lifestyle changes and inspire you to keep working on improving your diet. So I wanted to share four recipes that feature these purple beauties.

Bon appetit!

Roasted Purple Carrots with Black Sesame Dukkah

Found on, this recipe is full of flavor and takes only 35 minutes to prepare!

Not only does it contain the phytonutrients from the purple carrots, but it also contains garlic which is also associated with many health benefits including protection against heart disease, blood sugar levels and inflammation. And it has other nutrients from the spices and some protein from the black sesame seeds and pistachios. Send me a picture if you try it and enjoy!

Greek-style Eggplant stew

Eggplant is one of my favorites because there are so many ways you can prepare it. This vegan recipe from Mediterranean Dish is perfect for chilly days. I’ve made variations of this dish many times and it’s a crowd pleaser in my family. Sometimes I use a purple onion instead of yellow. You can’t see the color it, but it adds more phytonutrients!

Eggplant is a nightshade, but I just love how the turmeric and black pepper combination creates an ant-inflammatory nutritional effect in the body.

Purple potato (or beets) and chickpea salad with lemon dill tahini dressing

This recipe, by the Simple Kitchen, takes less than 25 minutes total to prep and cook! It’s the perfect way to replace mayonnaise heavy potato salads at your next family potluck. I especially love their recommendation to swap the purple potatoes for beets!

Roasted Beet and Walnut Dip

Looking to replace mayo and sour cream based dips from your diet? Try this roasted beet dip from Bon Appetit. This is simple too! It will definitely add color to your holiday table.

What would you use to dip? Produce Made Simple said, and I agree, that beets taste wonderful with other root vegetables. You can try using carrots or radishes.

Or, you can use it as a salad topper as it pairs well with greens like arugula, celery, cucumber, spinach, fennel and avocado.

If you eat meat, beets pair well with pork, beef, duck, or fish.

Chocolate Beet Muffins

For dessert, add a splash of purple with Produce Made Simple’s chocolate beet muffins. Beets and chocolate are really delicious.

Everyone’s diet is different. Remember, we can tailor each recipe to meet your needs. If you need to cut dairy or flours from any of these recipes, I’m happy to work with you to help you find tasty substitutions.

Let me know which recipes you try and what you and your family think of them!

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