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What can I eat while doing my liver detox?

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

The first time I ever participated in a cleanse. Suddenly every meal felt like a struggle. What can I even eat? Is this food on the cleanse? What will it do to me? The first week of navigating dietary changes were so challenging. And I think the same feels true every time you do an annual detox or try a new diet. But I’ve found instead of thinking from the negative--what you can’t eat--focus on what you can eat. The positive!!

Delicious, clean proteins

If you’re a vegetarian, you’ll focus on getting your protein from organic vegetables, greens, hemp, lentils, tempeh and seasonal beans. Omnivores, you’ll share that focus while adding in wild salmon, organic chicken, grass fed/finished bison or lamb.

Leafy greens and vegetables

Almost all vegetables and greens are fair game during our annual detox, and have so many health benefits for your body and mind. Your shopping list and menu choices should be full of a colorful spectrum of vegetables. A few of my seasonal favorites are cucumbers, red cabbage and avocados. (Nightshades like tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and peppers are the only thing that are off limits).


Seeds are a great source of protein, fiber, Omega 3 fatty acids (which provide balance to Omega 6 for anti-inflammatory purposes) and many important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants….

During your detox, you can add pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, hemp, chia, and flax seeds in your recipes.

Meal plan and menu options provided

These are just some of the many food options during your detox. Registering for the cleanse means you’ll also have access to my detox guide which further outlines what you can enjoy. You’ll also receive meal plans, a shopping list and recipe guide to help you explore all the delicious meals you can enjoy. And you can choose recipes from both the vegetarian and omnivores plan!

When in doubt, ask!

One of my favorite parts of this annual cleanse is the community we build. All participants receive access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions along the way. We’re all in this together, even me. I’m available as a resource to guide you through your journey.

This year, I’m pleased to have plant-based Chef Lauren D’Agostino joining us for the cleanse as our Featured Chef. In addition to sharing some delicious recipes with you all, she can help you understand food substitutes and truly makes eating healthy fun!

Chef Lauren is wearing her black pinstriped apron, smiling on a sunny day

Ready to build healthier habits? My spring detox program begins April 26. Register by April 16 to receive 20% off the regular price (use code: Detox20).

I can’t wait to guide you in your journey toward a healthier lifestyle.

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