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Toxins are the dryer lint of your body

How do you clean that linty buildup?

When was the last time you emptied the lint from your dryer vent? Your favorite jeans and sweatshirts look fine on the outside, but they leave behind lint, clogging the ducts. Was it easy to get all the lint in one swoop, or did a few particles remain or even fall down the shoot, forgotten about in the abyss of dryer lint? Where does it all go?

What happens if you don’t clean the lint from the flex hose that moves the moisture to the outside of your home? Different colors from different loads appear, building up and causing blockage. And you could start a fire, right!

The same is true of our bodies.

Removing dryer lint from the transition hose resembles the process of removing toxins inside our bodies. Lint (and toxins in our bodies) builds up over time. If we don’t clean it out or address the issues, it can build up and cause major problems for our health and wellness.

Where do toxins come from?

Toxins like mold, allergens, plastics, heavy metals, halogens, and xenoestrogens from personal care products are everywhere in our environment. We ingest them through preservatives and, additives, in the food we eat, and in the water we drink. We inhale them through the air we breathe and we absorb them through our skin and eyes. It’s impossible to avoid them, they’re ubiquitous. And the synergistic effect of all these toxins that are mixed together puts a heavy burden on our bodies.

The challenge is that our body isn’t always perfect at secreting these toxins, especially as we age. Our liver, pancreas, kidneys, intestines and lungs work hard at neutralizing the toxins, but anything the body is unable to remove gets stored in our adipose tissue--our fat cells. Day by day it builds up, and we start to complain of gaining weight.

It’s not the fat that we need to get rid of, or the extra weight. What we really need to get rid of is the “linty” buildup of toxins in your body.

How do you know if you have toxin buildup in your body?

It’s not just our weight that could be impacted by this toxin buildup. There are a number of symptoms that may indicate it’s time to clean the toxins from your body.

  • Brain fog

  • Hair loss

  • Fatigue, insomnia

  • Brittle toenails

  • Bad breath

  • Nausea

  • Inflammation

  • Skin issues (breakouts, eczema, psoriasis)

  • Irritability, anxiety, depression

  • Headaches

How do you remove toxins from your body?

The best way to remove and reduce toxins from your body is to address the underlying cause of the buildup. Focusing on improving your liver, kidneys or gut health could improve your body’s natural abilities to excrete toxins. Improving your diet and lifestyle can also relieve your body from carrying a heavy burden.

Contrary to what you might see or read on other blogs, there’s no silver bullet that will solve all your problems. Our bodies process toxins uniquely and we often need support to find what works best for us as an individual so we can successfully excrete them.

As your functional medicine and health coach, I will work with you to help you understand the root causes behind your body’s toxin buildup and help you make sustainable lifestyle choices so your body is supported. Together we can build a plan that is safe and right for you.

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