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Non-Toxic Products You Want in Your Home

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Believe it or not, the toxic load you carry in your life and in your body can be extremely stressful. Toxins can come from the food we eat, the products we put in and on our bodies and from our homes. Plastics, toys, furniture, mattresses, paint, insulation and carpets in our homes can "off gas" and add to chemicals in our environment!

As a functional medicine health coach, I can help you detoxify your body and your environment.

Since part of my job is to help you get ‘clean,’ this week I wanted to show you some amazing products that help you reduce your toxic burden. Read on for recommendations!

Basic Rules

It’s impossible to completely remove harmful chemicals from our environment - because they are everywhere. But the synergistic effects (interaction between more than one drug or chemical combined with another) can be even more harmful than one alone.

So choosing non-toxic products is a great way to begin.

There are a couple rules to live by:

  • When choosing your cleaning products, avoid anything with the words ‘natural fragrance.’ Choose instead ‘fragrance-free’ alternatives and add your own essential oils.

  • Avoid PFCs, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, PEGs, DEAs, and petrolatum. These are the most insidious toxins with prolonged exposure. Read more about what to avoid here.

And see below for a list of natural alternatives and vetted brands!

Laundry and Cleaning

Generally, I swear by Pure Haven products. I use them personally every day and love them so much that I became a representative. Full disclosure here!

If a professional health coach is using them, that’s a good place to start your research. They do holiday candles, skincare and make amazing gifts.

Other good brands for cleaning and laundry are Thieves cleaners, which last forever and are made with amazing essential oils.

Attitude also makes great products and they are EWG verified, which means the non-profit has certified and screened them for environmental toxins. Right now they are offering 25% off! They also offer skincare items that come in plastic-free packaging.

Beauty and Skincare

There are a surprising amount of good skincare companies out there, and the list is growing longer every day. Primally Pure offers deodorant that everyone on Instagram is raving about.

Ioka Skin Science is made by a local scientist here in Boston and they are free of emulsifiers, parabens, amines, and synthetic fragrances. Liposomal technology delivers fast and effective nourishment to stimulate your skin’s innate ability to repair and renew itself.

I personally know Olga, the owner of Ioka, and am proud to use these skincare products that are great for men and women.

Olga is offering my clients an additional 15% off! Simply use "HOLLI15" at checkout where it asks for 'gift card or discount code'. This code will never expire, so use it again and again!

Beatycounter specializes in skin care products, makeup, and bath and body care. **I use their lipstick, but I much prefer Pure Haven and Ioka because their products are cleaner.

This company also points out rightly that while the US only bans 30 ingredients from personal-care products, the EU bans 1,400. They have an ingredient list of over 1800 products (called “The Never List”) that they strive to ensure are not present in their products.

Search Your Products

If there is ever a product you are unsure of, pop it into EWG’s Skin Deep search engine. It will give you an overview of the ingredients in the product, as well as its toxicity. Amazing!

And when in doubt, schedule your free discovery call here to get more help in reclaiming your best self.

Now is the time to start taking care of you.

In good health,


This communication may contain general nutrition and lifestyle advice. I am not a licensed physician. My advice is not intended, and you should not use it to attempt to diagnose, prevent or treat diseases, ailments, pain or other medical conditions. Please consult your personal licensed physician to seek advice about diagnosing, preventing or treating specific ailments.

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