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Gluten Free Products Guide

Gluten Free Pasta

Happy Fall! Many of my clients find it difficult to cut gluten out of their diets and a number of clients have been asking me to make a list of potential Gluten Free alternatives. If you love pasta and are looking for healthy gluten free alternatives check out these products. Now is the time to start making the shift towards a new gluten free fall reset! Here's a list of new product brands for you to try!

  • Banza made from chickpeas also high in protein,

  • Tinkyada Rice Pasta,

  • Tolerant Made with Black Bean flour and also has a lot of protein, Vietnamese brown rice noodles with green tea,

  • Vietnamese Brown rice noodles (website:,

  • Explore cuisine makes bean pasta (including soy), chickpea and lentil pasta, rice pasta and rice noodles,

  • King Soba Organic black rice noodles, buckwheat noodles, sweet potato and buckwheat noodles, pumpkin, ginger and rice noodles, fair trade basmati organic brown rice noodles.

  • Andean Dream Quinoa products include quinoa pasta, cookies and soup. I found their cookies to be dry, but try some of their other products. You may enjoy!

  • Miracle Noodle – It will give you the same starchy feeling pasta does that many others don't. Tip: If you love zucchini noodles mix half and half and you will be in for a real treat.

  • One more thing to try Eden Select. Their pasta is whole grain, not gluten free, but worth trying if you are just looking to reduce white flour. And they make many other organic products.

In general I send out newsletters when I have something beneficial and informative to share with you! My above suggestions are simply for your benefit. Please let me know when you try something new and how you like it! Also, I wanted to share with you my Fall Workshop Schedule. This is a working document as many school groups and health organizations are still requesting workshops. Please feel free to contact me if you would like me to speak at your group or organization meeting. In good health! Holli Bassin

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