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Celebrate You

A  Summer Self Care Program aimed to prioritize your inner strength so that you can give to others


Have YOU told YOURSELF how amazing you are today? 


I’m going to guess maybe not. As women, we’re often told to value others before ourselves. We’re so busy making sure our families are cared for, safe and nurtured, that we leave such little time for ourselves. 


We don’t mean to. We know self-care is important and it helps reduce our stress, anxiety and the related health issues they’ve triggered in our bodies. We just always prioritize others until there are no more hours left in the day. 


Celebrate You is all about disrupting that, and reminding yourself to invest in filling your own cup, so that you can continue to give generously to others. 


You are resilient.
You are strong.

You are worthy. 

How the 7-day program works

My summer program runs July 23-29. 


Leading up to the challenge, you’ll receive a care package from me. It’ll be full of all sorts of goodies that you can use to pamper and appreciate yourself during the challenge. 


Every day, you’ll open an item in the care package and I’ll send you an email with instructions and motivation to make time and space for yourself this week.


We’ll create quiet, daily, mindful moments where you can tune into your body in order to learn what activities truly leave you rested and restored. 

Enrollment is $100, which includes the care package valued at over $500, and helps cover the cost of postage (thank you for supporting my small business!).

Indulgence package includes:

The first ten sign ups will receive a special bonus: a $100 bonus to StretchMed (valid at Needham and Newton Centre locations only). This gift card will cover a free 50-minute introductory stretch and assessment. The remaining balance can only be used toward a membership or select bundle packages.

Refunds for the Summer Self-Care Program are unavailable after payment is received. 

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