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Ruby Bundle: Consult + 3 Day Diet Plan!

One Health History consult, plus a 3-day diet clean up.

  • 1 h
  • $495 Package
  • Zoom

Service Description

Do you need some answers and a little support? We will do a deep dive into your dietary, lifestyle and annual physical labwork to discover how each puzzle piece fits with your symptoms. You will then have the option of engaging in a three day cleanse which can be modified based on your goals. Plus support with incorporating new foods into your daily routine for sustainable change. Have you been yearning for a second set of eyes to look at your annual physical labwork, daily diet and lifestyle choices? Do you do all the right things, including eat well, but still just don't feel well? Do you go to the Dr. with your symptoms and s/he says 'nothing is wrong'? This appointment will provide you with a deep dive into your 5 main health complaints, supplements, medications, dietary elimination, sleep habits and so much more! Learn what may be causing your digestive, sleep, emotional and energy symptoms and hone in on your health goals so you can create a plan for success! All sessions include a full set of notes an recommendations. This is a 90 minute consult with Holli Bassin. Plus support while completing the 3 day diet plan. Holli must receive a completed health history form, symptom questionnaire, and labwork data (if possible) at least 48 hours prior to this appointment. Holli will help you hone in on your health goals so you can create a plan for success! Use the calendar app to schedule your appointment and Holli will contact you with more details. As always, please contact with any questions Price includes all of the services listed above. Click "Book" to select your first, 1-hour appointment.

Contact Details

+ 17813431375


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