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Will You Review?

Would you consider writing a book review? As you know, I recently published a book entitled From Anaphylaxis to Buttercream. The amazing story of how one mother helped her daughter work through life threatening food allergies. The book can be found on Amazon and is currently FREE on Kindle until midnight June 6th 2017! Please share with your friends. It's a life changing story about overcoming health related illness! And it's a powerful read! One client's review: From Anaphylaxis to Buttercream is an amazing story. The author does an incredible job of bringing the reader with her on her daughter's 12 year journey to reduce life threatening reactions to foods Rachel was experiencing from babyhood. Holli's commitment as a parent and then her decision to pursue health coaching to support others is extraordinary. Inspiring, informative and unbelievably uplifting to those of

us experiencing difficulty eating meals that many fortunately take for granted. Thanks for sharing and enlightening so that the rest of us can aspire to live a peaceful, healthy, stress free life... Karen L. After you read my book, what will your review say? Please feel free to contact me with any questions. In good health!

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